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The Cat Co. Privacy Policy

For Guests and CatFriends of The Cat Co. Website:

The Cat Co. started as a project when we worked at the PBS Kids Site. For the past 15 years, you have trusted us to provide responsible and quality content; you are also reassured of this by our continuing adherence to the childsafe and child-friendly principles of SafeSurf. SafeSurf serves families across the globe as the Internet safety rating standard of choice.

The Cat Co. believes the following promises will improve the safety, value, and enjoyment of your visits -- and your family's visits -- to our site.

  • The Cat Co. is non-profit; all profitable proceeds from the CatFriend Cat-a-log go to the ASPCA Guardians. With the Guardians' financial support of ASPCA's lifesaving animal welfare programs, a profound impact is made on the lives of needy animals across the country.
  • We will not collect personally identifiable information from you or your family beyond first name, age, and state (or country) that you live in.

  • If you or your child sends us an e-mail with a question or comment or a cat picture, we will respond using his or her e-mail, but we will NOT share this information with any other company for any purpose whatsover and will use the email address only for responding to the question, comment, or requesting additional information regarding your cat picture submission.

  • If you or your child submit stories, artwork, comments or anything else to us which is posted at our site, you or your child will be identified only by first name, age and state or country.

We cannot be 100% assured that links to outside sites follow our privacy guidelines. We are not responsible for the content or safety and privacy practices at any sites linked from our pages.  We have visited the web sites of all our curent links and have found no objectionable content (we are particular about who we associate with!).  However, with that said, pop-up and pop-under pages from these other linked sites can and do change without our knowledge.

You and your family's use of this site are conditioned on your having accepted these terms. You should check back at this policy frequently, since it is subject to slight change from time to time, and your continued use of the site is conditioned upon your acceptance of any modifications hereto. However, we would never make a change that would threaten the integrity of our visitor's privacy.

We encourage parents to educate their children on how to use the web safely and responsibly. If you need help on this, go to the non-profit PBS Kids Web Site page entitled Get Your Web License from PBS Kids and have your child correctly and safely learn how to navigate the web.

We want to make this site a place where kids from 2 to 92 years old can safely "surf" and enjoy exploring and playing...after all, that's what cats do too!

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or comments/questions about the web site in general, please send the The Cat Co. an e-mail using tha form below; you may also fax us at 623-321-1974.

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